Stage 3 - First floor: shop to rent (1/3 of the area) and church. The total value presented is approximated it depends on stage 2 : 53.82%

- 90
- 80
- 70
- 60
- 50
- 40
- 30
- 20
- 10

Church Andrews Bridge Christian Fellowship. Christiana, Pensilvania

Cena en Canada

Person from Canada

Menonnite Church of Teusaquillo, Colombia

Community of Suba

Anonoymous Donors

Luz Mery Pallares

Bank interest

Dayana Ramirez

Gregoria y Familia



Using 4000 as exchange rate. Goal and loans rounded to 100s. Featured values of donations rounded to 10s.

We receive donations in two ways: (1) Deposito in the checking account 240066712 of 'Iglesia Menonita de Colombia' in Banco de Occidente, or (2) through the Paypal of 'Pasos de Jesús', if you use paypal please specify 'For Suba Missión' and also the name that you want to appear in this website.